TruLite LED Review   Here is a video of a full-scale cannabis grow featuring the TL400 – 440w LED Grow Light achieving over 1lb per light when growing cannabis.

TruLite LED Review

LED grow lights have made quite an impression over the last few years. The evolution of the industry has been breathtakingly fast – taking only a few short years to go from industry pariah to what is now the gold-standard for indoor growing. One look at this video will put to an end the thought that LED grow lights can’t really produce dense bud when flowering medical cannabis.

   What this video shows is the inside of a legal, medical cannabis growing facility in California. You get to see a glimpse of how impressive the facility is and, more importantly, the results of a full-scale medical grow using 100% LED.

TruLite LED Grow Lights – Commercial Cannabis Champ

   Nowhere are you going to find video of this kind of grow using any other LED grow light. What we have used in the video is a the TL440 – 440w lights to completely cover their grow space. On average, each light covers a 4×4 square foot area which allows for excellent use of coverage space per light as well as a bit of overlap.

   Of course long term energy savings and product quality will mean that this facility will make back its investment within about 14 months. So can we finally throw out the tired notion that LED grow lights can’t produce medicinal cannabis and just get rid of high-cost HID lighting??

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4 Responses to TruLite LED Grow Light Review – 1lb+ Per Light Growing Cannabis

  1. Jeffrey Hott says:

    I am interested in setting up a commercial legal grow, LED lights are the way for me to go, could you help me design a setup?

    • Mathew says:

      Hello Jeffrey -

      We would be happy to work with you in all stages of facility planning. Give me a call or send over your contact information and we can get started.


  2. keef fox says:

    Same as Mr.Hott ,I would like help with an indoor grow tent setup.All components.
    Best keef

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