Vegetables the size of small cars?

    Recent articles from the state of Alaska and master grower John Evans continue to amaze the gardening world and normal, everyday people as well. John Evans is the Guiness World Record holder for multiple varieties of huge vegetables. So who isn’t curious about a near 20 pound carrot or a 35 pound head of broccoli? So follow me for a second and take a look at this video.

John Evans Record Breaking Vegetables Grown With Compost Tea

    If you owned a single restaurant, a 100 location chain, or you just want to feed your family and you wanted to truly serve healthy food, then farm-to-table is best way to ensure delivery of fresh, nutritious food. Depending on your geography or local climate, this could be difficult if not impossible to do. Assuming you have the proper climate to grow the produce you need, you first need to find farmers who grow exactly what you want, schedule it and have flexibility in delivery. While not impossible, it can prove to be a logistical nightmare.

    Avoid the logistical hassle through controlled environment agriculture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

    In order to bring farm-fresh food to the table year round, regardless of climate or proximity traditional local farms, you must be able to control the growing environment. Factors such as temperature, humidity, nutrients, and lighting can be in a grower’s complete control and the “farm” can be located in a spare room, basement, or even a shipping container for the ultimate in local produce.

    TruLite LED is a Solid State Horticultural Grow Light firm. We sell lights that grow plants indoors from small herb gardens to 10,000 square foot and larger commercial hydroponic operations. With the correct environmental conditions, you can make space in the basement for a year round vegetable garden for the family.

controlled environment agriculture    Now combine that with a great compost tea recipe and you might grow a single tomato that can make twenty cans of preserved organic heirlooms. Nothing is better than growing food in rich soil with an awesome compost tea. Fresh fruits and vegetables year round indoors – TruLite LED lights make it possible for edibles, florals, and medicinal cannabis in legal states. These lights grow everything.

    Photosynthetic wavelengths are emitted by small but powerful and efficient light emitting diodes. They are housed in a sturdy metal enclosure and are built to last. Based on solid horticultural science started by NASA, TruLite LED Grow Lights perform at a high level with near zero maintenance.

    For information about LED Grow Lights systems, contact TruLite LED at # 1-800-850-5131 or

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5 Responses to John Evans Compost Tea And Controlled Environment Agriculture

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  2. Deianera Richan says:

    I’m pretty impressed!

  3. Dan says:

    What kind of compost specifically do u use and in the video you had a cup of powder of mixed bacteria. What is your mix. Please help my veg harvests are nothing like what u got

  4. Bert Maupin says:

    Check on biochar. “The black gold soil of the amazon.”

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