I had a chance to visit their website the other day at the recommendation of another member and I was impressed. Mostly I was impressed by their no-BS attitude. They are the only company I know of that rates their fixtures honestly and doesn’t make bogus claims. They look like well designed products and include some great features such as being able to daisy chain fixtures.
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Growing Cannabis With LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights SpectrumSpectrum & Wavelength

   With the increasing popularity LED Grow Lights, manufacturers and distributors are innovating new ways to capture your attention. They like to offer a healthy dose of marketing hype laced with a sprinkling of genuine science in hopes that you pause just long enough for them to dazzle you with the latest hyperbole. Here is how to avoid these common tactics and learn the ins-and-outs LED Grow Lighting.

LED Grow Lights CoverageLight Coverage

   Learn how to properly size LED Grow Lights for your grow space’s footprint. This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to properly choose lighting to ensure full corner to corner coverage with no high or low spots of light intensity. Seasoned grow veterans and novice cannabis growers alike will learn how to properly distribute your lights over the grow space to ensure dense buds and bountiful harvests with every cycle.

LED Grow Lights LumensAre Lumens Important?

   For over 4 decades it has been drilled into the heads of growers worldwide that more lumens = more yield. For true, professional results & yield, any grower worth his salt used HPS with astronomical lumen output … but does that measurement still mean anything to cannabis growers using LEDs? Skip the sales jargon and get the facts about lumen output for LED Grow Lights and learn about the measurements that really matter for cannabis growers.

Natural Pest Control CannabisOrganic & Natural Pest Control For Cannabis

   With so many Medical Cannabis patients growing their own medicine these days, the topic of pest control seems to be coming up more often. As the numbers of cannabis growers continue to rise, so will the pest control industry, and the use of chemicals I wouldn’t even use to kill rats, let alone spray on my crop of medical cannabis. Grow potent, safe, and effective medicine using these simple methods to eliminate harsh chemicals.

LED Grow Lights CannabisCase Study – The TL440 LED Grow Light Growing Cannabis

   Here is a video of a full-scale cannabis grow featuring the TL440 – 440w LED Grow Light growing cannabis in a sea of green configuration. All of the colas are thick and dense – no lightweight, fluffy buds here. Most of the colas are 6″ or bigger with many reaching 8-12″ tall. Whether you are growing for personal consumption or are a large scale commercial cannabis supplier to dispensaries, the TL440 delivers.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

   Our lights provide 100% of the Light Spectra needed for efficient Photosynthesis. Whether using Horticultural Lighting as a supplement to natural light or as the primary source of lighting for your plants, growing with LED is fun and easy. We provide unlimited free support to our clients to ensure their grows are the most productive while reducing peripheral costs such as electricity and nutrient consumption. Support is provided via Phone, Email, Facebook, and even on-site consultations with complete Photometric Analysis.

Why Buy LED Grow Lights From Us?

   TruWatt™ Technology: TruLite does not play marketing games when it comes to the power ratings of our lights. We sell our lights based on Actual Wattage, not some over-inflated raw diode wattage like our competitors. Some companies like to surprise their customers by selling them a 400 watt light but delivering a light that only puts out 300 watts or less. This means that when you buy our TL440, you will get a light that delivers all 440 watts of pure plant-growing power. Read more about it in this Press Release.

LED Grow Lights Cannabis   TruBand™ Technology: There is a reason that plants grow so well and show prolific flowering under TruLite LED systems – Accuracy. Plants experience their peak growth when given the proper wavelengths of light that correspond to photosynthetic pigments. If those wavelengths are off by more than 1%, a grower could end up with a 200g yield instead of a 400g yield. Accuracy and Precision is what makes plants fall in love with our lights. Read more about it in this Press Release.

   Modular Design: Our Modular Design with the Secondary Lens brings indoor growing to a whole new level. You do not have to worry about your light being outdated after a few grows. Modularity allows you to quickly and easily swap out the Light Engine should our design change in the future. The Secondary Lens increases light intensity by over 30% which has a profound effect on yield. This is an absolute must for the serious indoor grower.

Who Is Our Ideal Customer?

   Individuals, Commercial Growers, Sustainable Gardeners, Cannabis Growers (cannabis seeds), Personal Self-Reliance, and even the Hobbyist all enjoy what our lights can provide. We are now selling to both Individuals and Commercial Accounts and our Support Team is ready  to assist in layout and design for your Grow. Happy Gardening from TruLite LED.

   Please Contact us by E-mail or Call # 1-800-850-5131 with any questions.